Bryant Motors: Serving Sedalia since 1936

We've been reimagining the car buying experience for 80+ years…


When the Bryant Motors Chrysler dealership first opened up its doors back in 1936, Sedalia was just starting to recover from the devastating stock market crash and the Great Depression that followed it. In fact, Life Magazine dubbed Sedalia the second hardest hit city by the Great Depression in the entire United States. Many downtown buildings were vacant or divided into numerous housing units.

In 1932, the community of Sedalia finally received some good news - the city was chosen as a thru-way of U.S. Highway 65 and an east-west route through town was also selected as the site of U.S. 50. The new affordability of automobiles, as well as the car culture that came with the two new major highways, breathed new life back into the region.

It was around this time that Bryant Motors Chrysler opened up shop in downtown Sedalia as a one-of-a-kind new and used car lot, auto repair & maintenance shop, and more.

Now, 80+ years later, we've moved our dealership to 2901 South Limit Ave. off US 65 (the same highway that reinvigorated our community); however, our devotion to customer satisfaction remains the same as always.

"Ride with the people you trust" isn't just a slogan for us - it's a commitment to give you the same great customer service and personal attention that people all over Sedalia, Jefferson City, Warrensburg and Whiteman Air Force Base have been receiving for the better part of a century.

Our experienced sales team is here to answer all your questions and find the right transportation option to meet your needs and budget. You won't find pushy sales reps at Bryant, just experienced, knowledgeable salespeople ready to help you find the car you're looking for.

As we begin our next 80 years, we continue our commitment to total customer satisfaction. We've had a lot of practice treating people right, so give us a call and ride with the people you trust!